Hans Zassenhaus

We are always in need of VWC Members to assist in working on Special Projects, particularly when we open our new Brownwood shop in 2021. This will include a new Special Projects area. Any member can select a Special Project from the Green Binder at the front Desk. Simply choose a project, ensure that you have entered your name on the sheet in the “Assigned To” space and then proceed to fulfill the requirements.

When you have finished the project, put a piece of purple tape on the project, store it in the Special Projects Area of the Shop AND notify the Front Desk that you have finished the project. Many projects will require less than one-hour to complete.

Currently we are NOT accepting new projects and are attempting to complete all projects that have been submitted. We need more helpers to eliminate this backlog.

The following are statistics for the month of October and November, 2020:
    Special Projects Accepted: 3
    Special Projects completed: 5
      Total contributions to the VWC: $316

Pre-Made Items,  managed by Bernie Harkins:
During October & November, 2020
    Exercise Slant Wedge 47
    Hole in One golf ball holder 1
    Samba Card Holders 333
      Total Contributions $3782

Total Items over the year resulted in $13,832 contributions to the Club.

Thanks to all VWC members who contributed their time and talents in working on these Special Projects and Pre-Made items.


The website organization has been busy over the past few months.


  • The website is your one source for the 2021 VWC Election information, see the Election tab under "Our Club"

  • The website contains over 130 pictures taken during the construction of the Brownwood Shop, as contributed by Rik Pierce. Just go to the website home page to view them.

  • We are in the process of revamping and improving the website, under the direction of John Sullivan and Brian Landis. Note particularly the reorganization under Education and Certification where you will find several new tabs.


If you have an idea of how to improve the website please send your suggestions to woodshop@thevwc.org.