Detailed Course Listing

VWC Course Detailed Listing Instructions

The Detailed Course Offerings list shown below shows the course number, section information, instructor, as well as class schedule and costs associated with the class. Move the slide bar at the right up of the list display up (or down) to show ALL courses,if required .

To show the title and other details for a specific course, use your mouse cursor to highlight the row (in light green) and click the left mouse button.  The software will show a new reort giving you the course title and the detailed description of the selected course. 

Select (click on) the "Take Me Back, I am done Here" text at the bottom of this display and the software will show the Detailed Course Offerings display again.

Please note that you can click on the icons above each of these lists to download/display various formats, including PDF, EXCEL and WORD.  These reports will be downloaded to your computer. 

INFO: To save your changes to the server, click 'Save Changes'.
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