John Herega, Manager of Safety and Turners


Powermatic lathe #10 model # has been replaced with a Powermatic model #4224B. It is identical to the last Powermatic purchased. The new lathe is installed and is ready to be used, however, the internal Vacuum system is not operational as yet, the external vacuum pump system can be used until the internal system is online.


Also, we are waiting for the arrival of two lamps that have not arrived with the lathe.


Two of the three CBN grinding wheels have been damaged slightly! They have been replaced during the shut- down, they should not have to be replaced within two years of use, or more. If you are not sure how to use these grinders, please seek assistance.


Also, DO NOT use a piece of wood to slow or stop the wheels, let them stop without assistance. The outer edge of the wheels have a coating of CBN material, using wood to stop them clogs the CBN rendering it useless. The wheels are balanced causing them to “free wheel” and take some time to stop.




There will be three Jet, three Powermatic, one Robust “American Beauty” and four Jet midi lathes, one on a low stand for those who cannot stand for long periods.


The lathe area will be located at the far right side of the shop along the back wall and will have a dedicated dust collection system.