CNC Router Operation

The VWC has recently acquired a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Router for use in the shop be previously trained and certified operators.  This training and certification will be starting during the Fall of 2018 with the intent that some limited operation of this equipment to start in October 2018.  We are planning to include CNC Operation classes in the Spring 2019 eduction classes.

The operation of the CNC Router is divided into four distinct operations:

Generate the ToolPath

This involves creating a "model" of your project in a software package, such as V-CARVE PRO from Vectric Company that results in the Tool Path the router will use in actually carving your project.  The club owns a three station license for this software which will be installed on computers in the shop.  This process is the key to the operation of the CNC Router.  There are several ways that this can be accomplished.  We have included a very comprehensive series of videos on this website that explain the operations involved.

Generate the Project Sheet

This is one of the output of the V-Carve software and shows the size and orientation configuration of your project.  Also, the names of each tool used in the projcet.  Each tool requires a separate tool path file and set-up of the machine.

CNC Router Setup

This is a series of operations which configure the router based on the Project Sheet, including the selecion and zero jposition of the router bit prior to turning on the router and actually performing the carving operation.

CNC Router Operation

This step includes the physical operation of the router, including such steps as setting the zero-point and ensuring that the router and associated software is ready for operation.

Tutorial Videos

The tutorial videos can be access from this website by selecting this link:

You Tube Videos

There are also a wealth of videos on the operation of CNC Routers as well as generating the ToolPaths for CNC Routers.  We have included a sampling of these videos on a separate page: