Member Certification

Member Certification

Each new VWC member must attend a shop certification session Prior to being permitted to perform any operations in the shop.  These sessions are scheduled throughout the year based on the number of new members that join in any given month.

During these sessions you will be shown the proper and safe operation of each of the major pieces of equipment.  You will be given an opportunity to perform hands-on operations to construct a sample project.

The videos to the right are intended to refresh you memory on the proper operation as instructed during the Certification Sessions.

As new equipment is installed in the shop, videos specific to each piece of equipment are prepared and available on this site under the Our Shop > Shop Equipment tab.

Certification Refresher Videos

There is a separate video that covers each of the major pieces of equipment. Scroll down to the equipment video you wish to view and click on the start icon.
Bandsaw Operation Refresher Video

Drill Press Operation Refresher Video
Jointer Operation Refresher Video

Basic Lathe Operation Refresher Video

Miter Saw Operation Refresher Video

Router Operation Refresher Video

Table Saw Operation Refresher Video

Thickness Planer Operation Refresher Video