Special Projects

               Voytek Kulesza

The first quarter of this year was busy!

We completed:
120 Slant Wedges was sold for $240.00

297 Samba Card Holders for a donation of $4455.00
247 Large Samba Card Holders for $4940.00
49 Domino Holders for $490.00
4 Exercise rockers for $80.00
160 Special Projects for $4383.00

Total year to date: $11,808.42

Big thanks for continuous support of department members participating in repairs and fabrication.

Special thanks to Jim Monahan and Larry Litowich for mass producing card and domino holders.

Also thanks to John Scott, Paul Pfundstein, Scott Miller, Steve Casey, Marty Verdick and Ken Dillon for making all they could to support our club.

Voytek Kulesza