Conway Williams, Manager


Since our last report in early June, the Elves and Painters are working to produce the toys required to support our client demand. June turned out to be a challenging month, with many of our key team members away from the shop for travel, and health issues.


On the shipping side, in June we made only two deliveries to clients which contained 289 toys with donation value of $3,230., which gave us a year-to-date total of 3,527 toys shipped, with a donation value of $23.480. This included our  shipment to CHS Healthy Families of Florida, which allowed us to meet our commitment for their 2020-2021 fiscal year by providing them with a total of 969 toys with a donation value of $13,958.


Thus far in July we have made one shipment of 400 toys with a donation value of $1,200.


As we look at the production side of the ledger, we did manage to produce 755 toys during June. this gives us a year-to-date total of 4,752 toys. So far in July we have already produced 360 toys, as the issues mentioned above are resolving themselves with the return of most of the key team members. We look forward to a more normal July as the Elves and Painters continue to support our client’s needs.