Monthly Update

Conway Williams, Manager


Since our last report, the Elves and Painters are working hard to produce the toys to support our client’s 2022 requirements.

On the shipping side, in May we only made three shipments of 598 toys with a donation value of $3,890. Thus far in June we have already made two shipments of 440 toys with a donation value of $2,000. This brings our 2022 shipping totals to 3,480 toys with a donation value of $20,300. We are working on two more shipments for June which will have another 458 toys and an additional donation value of $5,000

As we look at the production side of the ledger, we continue to have equipment issues, the delivery of our replacement for our large horizontal sander is now scheduled for delivery in mid-June! We were still able to produce 710 toys for May, bringing our total produced so far this year to 4,783 toys.

The Toy Team was at Brownwood for our Thursday May 5th session and had a very successful evening. We had total Toy sales of $360.00 and donations $52.00. We had a number of Shop members show up to see our display and talk, including our President. We also had a number of visitors who stopped to talk about the Toy project and other things that we do to support the community. As usual, we will take the next three months off and return in September on Thursday the 8th, again at Brownwood Paddock Square.

I am pleased to announce that we have just exceeded our commitment to The Children’s Home Society of Florida by providing them 972 Toys with a donation value of $13,668 for their 2021-2022 fiscal year which ends this month. Starting in July we will be working on our commitment for their 2022-2023 fiscal year.

I must report that we continue to have problems with the RA laser being unable to cut the ¼ inch plywood that we use for our puzzles. We are now having to cut the speeds on 1/8 inch plywood to get that to cut through. We have worked with Woodworking Technologies on adjusting and cleaning the machine and replacing the mirrors and lens. We spent some time this afternoon working through a variety of different settings to no avail. I want to try the current plywood we have on the new laser at Brownwood as soon as it is running to see if it has the same trouble with it. If not then we need to get Epilog involved to figure out what the issue is with the RA laser