Conway Williams, Manager


As we look back on 2021, which has got to be the most challenging year I have experienced since taking this job, I want the THANK all of the Toy Team for their extraordinary effort and support! Further, I would like to recognize the contributions of the rest of the VWC Family to our success, from the E.O.C., Admin, Finance, Front Desk, I.T., Safety, Training, and Woodworking Technology.

All this combined effort allowed the TOY TEAM to produce 9,262 toys while shipping 9,437 toys with a donated value of $71,675 for the needy children of the Tri-County area. (Our second-best year ever)! This now brings our total wooden toys produced to 103,700 since 2001.

Since our last report, the Elves and Painters have returned from a well-deserved break and are working hard to produce the toys to support our client’s 2022 requirements.

On the shipping side, so far in January we have made one shipment of 400 toys with a donation value of $1.200,

As we look at the production side of the ledger, we produced 538 toys so far in January.

The Toy Team returned to Lake Sumter Landing on Wednesday January 5 th , where we had toy sales of $166.00 and donations of $74.00 for a total of $240.00,

In addition to the toy sales and donations, we always have an opportunity to talk with folks about the Club and answer questions about the things we do, courses we provide, and the other community services that we provide.

Again, I want to give my sincere thanks Ron Gammon, John Scott and Dennis Drazkowski, for their continued support and help. We also had help from 1st timers Paul Carmignani and Voytek Kulesza. It was nice to have the extra help,

Looking ahead to our next Toys on the Square we will be moving to Spanish Springs on Tuesday February 15 th for the next three months. If you are interested in helping with this activity, please contact Conway Williams at 717-319-6952. We will need at least two more volunteers to properly staff this activity for 2022.

We are very happy to see our seasonal residents returning and contributing to our year.