Conway Williams, Manager


Since our last report, the Elves and Painters continue their work to produce toys to support our client demands.

On the shipping side, in September, we made only two deliveries to clients which contained 362 toys with donation value of $4,748., which gave us a year-to-date total of 5,443 toys shipped, with a donation value of $37,390.

Thus far in October we have made three shipments of 702 toys with a donation value of $4,550 and have identified an additional three shipments that have 625 toys and a donation value of $4.216 that we are working to satisfy by month end.

As we look at the production side of the ledger, we produced 796 toys during September. It gives us a year-to-date total of 7,605 toys produced.

We were very glad to see the return both of our laser operators, Ron Lessard from his extended trip and Dennis Drazkowski back from his summer up north. They are both hard at work on puzzles. I also want to thank Cindy Verdick for being willing to fill in when we needed a Laser operator in their absence!

The Toy team has spent a great deal of time getting ready to go back to doing Toys on the Square after an Eighteen Month Layoff. We went to Brownwood Paddock Square on Thursday October 7 th , and after a very slow start we had a successful evening, finishing with $337.00 in toy sales and $130.00 in cash Donations for a total of $467.00.

We meet a lot of nice people who were interested in the Toys and said they would be back to see us on Thursday November 4 th at Brownwood, when we get to do this again! There were also a number of folks asking about when the new shop was going to open. we were able to tell them Monday October 11 th !

My sincere thanks to Ron Gammon, John Scott, Mike Custard, Dennis Drazkowski, Dan Pallo and Alan Sawbel for making this a successful evening.

In closing, I had the opportunity to attend the ribbon cutting at the Brownwood Shop today and want to recognize the dedication and thousands of hours of tireless effort that were expended to get us to this point! This is something that everyone who contributed to this four-year project should be very proud of!