Monthly Update

Conway Williams, Manager


Since our last report, the Elves and Painters are working hard to produce the toys to support our client’s 2022 requirements.

On the shipping side, in August we made four shipments of 771 toys with a donation value of $4,659. Thus far in September we have already made one shipment of 400 toys with a donation value of $1,200. This brings our 2022 shipping totals to 6,152 toys with a donation value of $38,159. We are working on five more shipments for September which will have another 992 toys and an additional donation value of $10,100!

As we look at the production side of the ledger, we were able to produce 1053 toys for August, bringing our total produced so far this year to 7,224 toys.

The summer is quickly passing and it’s time to remind everyone that we will be starting back to Toys on the Square on Thursday September 8th weather permitting! Unfortunately, it did not! All the Squares were shut down for weather. We will try again on Thursday October 6th at Brownwood.

Looking ahead to next year we have already submitted our thoughts for 2023 Toys on the Square and should have an answer back from the Villages by next months’ update.