Alvin Corenblum      Scott Herlick


We continue to make progress on the two new items that we make for the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell. Sheryl Case has applied red, white and blue highlights to the display stand and that makes them really stand out. That makes the prototyping of the unit complete, and they are ready for disbursement.


The folks at the cemetery are actively trying to secure the stickers that we will need for the small replica flag cases. If they come thru with the stickers, it will reduce our cost to just a few scraps of wood that are produced by the CNC machine. We will need the stickers since we cannot make the item without them. Since this will be a give-away piece they will want a lot of them so they will have to cover that cost.


We delivered 15 urns to the various cemeteries in June so Judy Meyers, Connie Madeo and I made 17 to keep our inventory up to par.