Thank you to our Instructors and Mentors. Whether you ever took a class or took advantage of learning from a Mentor to improve your skills (and then your projects!) you know what a difference they make.

Even if you’ve never taken a class, you’ve surely used Shop equipment. The skill level of all those in front of you makes a difference! It makes a difference to all Members’ safety and enjoyment (or frustration), to the condition of the machines and to our budget.

• Encourage our Instructors and Mentors when you see them! There are over 60 of them volunteering some hours. And, yes, we still have students waiting. Maybe for you?

• Updates happen – keep checking back. Class sign-ups will continue through May. Things change.

• Need a prerequisite? Already have the skill? Credit for a class can be granted by the Instructors when members have the skills needed. See the Instructor of the prerequisite class or the intended class.

• Watch your email. New classes and sections are added as Instructors become available. Last minute openings may be announced directly at the Shops when appropriate.

• More Instructors needed, please. Twelve class sections were already closed within the first 4 days. Waitlist for the P 011 Wall Shelf Project stands at 23.

• Daytime one-on-one Mentoring/Classes need Instructors too. If you’ve got just a few hours, we have a student who needs you. No long term or evening commitment needed. You can pick your skill/project.

Let’s talk, please. This is not an unpaid job. This is sharing what makes Woodworking so much fun for you! Pay it back or pay it forward – It’s all good. See you around the Shops!