Debbie Larouere

Class updates By the time you read this, technology software classes will have already begun at Brownwood. It's going to take a little longer for classes on the other equipment to start as Instructors get used to the new shop’s flow and machinery. Classes and other opportunities will be added at both Shops as soon as Instructors step in. All new classes will be announced via email as spots open. Sign-ups are still in person at either Front Desk for all classes.

Instructor updates We are working hard to find enough mentors at both shops for students who are on the wait list for one-on-one classes. Some of our Instructors have retired and others are still away making up for lost time traveling. If you have the woodworking skills to help us out, we really need you. We ALL need you. The students need you. The members in the Shops need you. And the equipment needs you! Whether it's offering a skill clinic on a specific piece of equipment or technique, helping students with a simple make it and take it project on the short term or mentoring students through the Wall Shelf or other project, it all matters!

Even if all you've got time for is to hang out for a few hours here and there to help answer questions from newer wood workers and help keep an extra eye out for safety, that would be fabulous! If you’ve got a idea, we need it! Let’s talk.

Prerequisite updates There are some classes that have prerequisites. YOUR prerequisites may not show up online for the classes you took in a term until the END of that term; December 31 in this term. Of course, you must complete the criteria for the class. There is a record of them, and your Instructor and the Front Desk can check it if you are unsure.

Please NOTE - Applies to Turning A010/T010 and Laser/CNC E500/510: T010 (after A010 Interview) and E510 (after E500 session) will be assigned by your instructor by the end of the day that you first meet your Instructor for the A010 Interview or E500 class. You will know BEFORE you leave that you have the prerequisite if you have completed the session. Just ask your Instructor. You will be ready to sign up for the next class.

Video Updates Remember to check out all the videos on our website. These are being updated as we go. Look under the Education tab for the Video Master Link. Another great way to learn! See you at the Shop!


P 01 1 Wall Shelf - Skill Builder Class

This Skill Builder project class is designed to help motivated students really learn the foundation skills for all general woodworking projects and more. The focus is on how to follow project plans and safely use basic Shop equipment. The Learner will work with a Mentor in hands on, individualized, guided practice at their own pace and on their own schedule throughout.  

In addition to a useful set of skills and a beautiful and functional wall shelf, students who complete the project will have earned the P 10 0 course credit. This is the skill set, and prerequisite, for many Intermediate level classes.  There is currently a waitlist for this class as we need more Mentors.