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We really, really (did I say REALLY?) need Mentors for newer woodworkers and P Zero class enrollees. If you’ve even got a few hours here and there, we need you!. Please let us know ASAP! Send email to:


Check the Available Classes page to see what classes have already opened and for deails on all current classes.  Check the Course Catalog for Course Descriptions.


Want to advance your basic skills with some guided practice?  The Folding Table - G141 project is back. 

Ask questions via email at:







Check out the new P Zero class - P 011, The Wall Shelf Project is especially sharp and versatile.  And you will really have an opportunity to improve a wide set of skills. 







Also new, T112 Walking Stick w/ Segmented & Turned Handle and P701 Bandsaw Inlay Epoxy Platter. 






















Interested in getting on the Turning track? Sign up now for the Take Home Intro Class – A010.


Keep your email up to date to keep informed. Additional openings will be announced via the regular email process as in the past. Make-ups are ongoing. Your Instructor is the one to ask. There are lots of ways to add to your inspiration file, knowledge base or get in a little practice, even if it is just video.


Carving and Stained Glass Classes are running at the Shop. Just stop by and check them out – Monday and Wednesday mornings with the Carvers and Friday mornings for Stained Glass. See the Instructors on those days, starting around 8:30 am, to sign up for rolling classes. Adding either of these skills to your repertoire would embellish your work and take it to the next level.


Members are encouraged to take a look around the VWC Website. Grab your favorite beverage and cruise around the pages. There are lots and lots of videos under the Education tab. You can even review all of the Safety Certification videos if you’ve been away from the Shop for a while.  Check out the Media Gallery for Member Show & Tell too!


Pinterest is loaded with a huge variety of links to ideas. And, yes, some are better than others!  Here's our page:


Other members may share their favorites with you and help you to evaluate internet inspirations. Ask!  If you’ve got skills, get a button. Helping less experienced Members helps us all to be safer and have more fun. (And if you’re too busy or crabby that day? Just leave your ‘Ask Me’ button in your pocket! LOL!)