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WIT Local and Regional Collaborative Projects

We’ve had four successful projects culminating with “Topsy Turvy” made by 49 women for the Portland Symposium. Building on what we’ve been able to achieve at the National level with the WIT Collaborative Project, we want to now move this to the regional or more grassroots level instead of doing a collaboration nationally . This is already being done in places like Boise, ID where women turners did a project making 40 miniature birdhouses for the Boise Artistry in Wood Show. Nine women participated. Their auction proceeds will be used for future Artistry in Wood Shows. What is particularly notable, is that 62 women who visited the exhibit and saw the bird house tree, signed up to receive further information about woodturning.

Collaborative projects can be used to raise money for your regional symposium, help your local chapter, fund an event you’d like to organize, etc. It will help to give Women in Turning a broader reach and exposure, as well as help support events closer to home.

If you’re a WIT Liaison for your club and would like to work on something for your regional symposium we can put you in contact with the other Liaisons in your region so you could coordinate and work together. Or if you are interested in doing something for your local chapter, we can put you in contact with others who have had an experience working at the local level. Or we would be very, very interested in learning what you have already done so that we can benefit from your experience. We know that women have enjoyed being a part of these collaborative projects. Let’s take your good ideas and continue to spread the fun! -- The WIT Committee

Women In Turning (WIT)

This is about a new group called Women in Turning that is part of AAW.  Additional information will be posted on our website for the women's benefit.  See the links to the left for the latest national newsletters. 

Sandy Fuller has agreed to be the liaison for the Southeast Area WIT for our chapter.  

Periodically, Sandy will have information on this topic.  The official registration is done online on the AAW website.

Sandy Fuller