Lowell Sundermann

Things are pretty much in a holding pattern, although Jill continues to spend Wednesdays doing laser projects for members of the club - seems to be no end in sight. Some members see how cool it is to put the Laser to work that they are wanting to signup for classes.

The new CNC at Brownwood is being used to support items for Brownwood that would normally be purchased or "simplified" if not for the CNC. Paul
Porter in particular is staying busy supporting those requests.

I would like to use this platform to reiterate the status of the E500 through E601 classes. We want to teach these classes in the Brownwood training classrooms. Brownwood is not open, and the opening date is undetermined (at the time of this writing). Therefore, the Education Department is not wanting to publicize currently planned classes, if only to have to cancel them.

The direction is to stay tuned and watch for emails when we can officially offer these classes. We apologize we are having to delay them, but members will have equal opportunities when they are published.

Be aware members must also have completed the Brownwood shop orientation tour to be allowed to enter the shop. Watch for future offerings of this orientation and sign up immediately.


Lowell Sundermann