Monthly Update

Lowell Sundermann


Things are ramping up for the Fall-Winter Education season. Best that you watch for and follow Debbie's emails and instructions.

Concerning Corel and Inkscape. First let me make it clear, the deal we had with Corel for the last four or so years no longer exists. Corel offers education versions of their software to students with the idea they are likely to purchase the latest version when they leave school. Guess what, that model does not fit the sales to our club, and they seem not to be willing to offer it to retirees from the goodness of their heart. If you want to use CorelDraw, help yourself to what you can find on the internet.

Our plan is to continue to use CorelDraw to interface to the laser. It is pretty clear to me that Corel and Epilog have worked together to have a very robust interface. Some day that may change to other options. In the meantime, we want to offer our membership training on a graphics design package that is similar to Corel, has the features needed to do laser engraving/cutting type designs, and is economical. At this time Inkscape appears to be the clear choice.

The laser class E601, will be offered using CorelDraw 2018. Those that do not have 2018 can loan a copy of our 2018 license at the time of signing up for E601 to complete the training and obtain certification on the lasers.

We had hoped to have a class at the start of this fall season for Inkscape but our lead instructor, Pamela McKee, is needing to stay up north to care for her sister. We may take a run at a class or two just to see how it is accepted. The software is free, it just requires some of your time to learn the very basics to the drawing tools and importing of bitmap images. More on that later.

Concerning the CNCs, E511 is the class you need to take. Before our new Shark CNC at RA, E511 included a demo of the previous RA CNC and certification on that machine was required before seeking certification on the BW CNC. That will change. More class time will be spent on understanding the features and checklists of both machines so you can then contact the instructor for each machine immediately after completing E511 for certification. This will be explained during E511. Hope you enjoy this year's classes and the equipment it will allow you to operate.

Lowell Sundermann