Lowell Sundermann


I am pleased to report that Jill Bulmash's suggestion to have several "demo" days at the Laser was an overwhelming success. Jill proposed she would make herself available at the Laser three Wednesdays from 10:00am to 4:00pm. A flyer was sent out to the membership. And as they say, "if you build it, they will come".


We had sign-up sheets, but I do not have them for all three days. I would estimate we had over 50 members come with an interest and some item they wanted engraved. Most left saying that it was amazing what the machine could do. And I would add from my observations,  Jill was only touching the surface of what she and the equipment can do. I expect to see full classes this fall for E601 and its prerequisite E500. Look for them when the Fall classes are announced.


The Brownwood CNC is ready for Certified CNC operators training. We want certified operators to understand the modifications we made to the RA CNC to operate in a similar fashion to the BW CNC. Some operators may want/need to refresh their skills on the RA machine before training on the BW CNC. See me for one-on-one details.


We are getting ready for Debbie's letter concerning Fall classes. We have some students to catch up from the Spring of 2020, and then the members that have asked about classes for both the CNC's and the Laser.



Lowell Sundermann