Site Features

Welcome to Our New Website

Welcome to the new website for The Villages Woodworkers Club located in The Villages, Florida.  This is completely new website, hosted in the cloud by Microsoft Corporation and using the Content Management System called DNN.

As part of the upgrade to the new website, we have made the following changes:

  • All videos, pictures and documents can now be viewed on smartphones, tablets as well as desktop computers using system software from both Apple and Microsoft.
  • All PDF document have been replaced such that they can be displayed on the devices described above.
  • We have changed the major tabs to more closely reflect the wide range of activities of The Villages Woodworkers Club

In particular please note the following:

  • Your course and monitor duty schedules are available in the Members Lounge.  The Members Lounge is a means for VWC members to communicate with each other by using this website.
  • The member merchandise catalog is shown under the Our Merchandise tab.
  • The toy catalog is shown under Community -> Toys tab.
  • Refresher videos for Certification, Monitor Duty and new equipment orientation are shown under the Our Shop tab.
  • Meeting minutes are available under the Our Shop tab.
  • One major change is in the login.  Due to the improved security procedures, we are no longer able to send you your password.  However you can reset your password on line.
  • Another major change is that if you wish you no longer need to  log onto the site every time you visit.  When you  login the next time, just check the "Remember Login" check box.  Then, and this is important, do NOT logout; but simply close your browser.  When you next go to the site within six (6) months, you will not need to login or remember your password.

 Please send an email message to our webmaster at to tell us how we can improve the website and to let us know what your would like to see on the site.