Directions to the Shop

The Villages Woodshop is located at 704 Oak Street, The Villages, FL 32159.



  • From Rt 466: Take Rt 466 East to Rolling Acres Road. Turn left on Rolling Acres Road.Go .5 miles. The Woodshop is right past the driving range on the left hand side.
  • From Rt 27/441: Take Rt 27/441 South to Rolling Acres Road. Turn right on Rolling Acres road. Go .7 miles. The Woodshop is on the right hand side.

Golf Cart


  • From Avenida Central, go through the Del Mar gate and take Del Mar to Chula Vista.
  • OR take Morse Blvd to Rio Grande and turn right onto Del Mar to Chula Vista.
  • Take a right on Chula Vista Avenue.
  • Take the next left on to Palermo Place (look for the Valle Verde Postal Station).
  • Go to back right corner of Palermo to cart path and through opening in fence.
  • Take your golf cart to the right on this exit.
  • Follow cart path to driving range parking lot (do not ride on the driving range).
  • Go to far right corner of parking lot and continue to follow the path to the Woodshop.
  • Parking is permissible in front of The Woodshop next to the fence. Small wheel stops are aligned along that area. When this area becomes full, overflow parking is to be on the west side of the shop next to the Shared Harvest garden, again along the fence. This area is accessed by turning left (west) off the cart path just before the existing parking area, and proceeding to the fence. Park in a manner that doe not block movement of other carts.
  • Parking of golf carts is NOT permitted in the vehicle parking lot. No cart parking is permitted between the path and the front of the building.


NOTE: Do not drive your golf cart on the sidewalk!! It is an $80.00 fine and 3 points!


Joining the Club

Membership in The Villages Woodworkers Club is a recreational privilege of residents* of The Villages, Florida who have completed the necessary information form,   paid the applicable fees (see below, Membership Fees), and made arrangements to share in the support program of the Club and Woodshop.

You MUST obtain a membership application from the front desk at either Wood Shop and present the completed application in person to the either the Rolling Acres Woodshop  located at 704 Oak Street, The Villages FL 32159, on the corner of Oak Street and Rolling Acres Road (see Map) or the Brownwood Shop at 3601 Buena Vista Blvd. during normal shop operating hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M.

(* Resident - a person who has met the residency qualifications of The Villages as evidenced by having been issued a current official Identification Card by The Villages Community Development District, and having it in their possession.)

  Membership Requirements

The Villages Woodworkers Club and its facility, The Villages Woodshop, are unique among The Villages clubs and activity associations. While the woodshop building is owned by The Villages Community Development District (VCDD), every aspect of its operation is the responsibility of the VWC.  The Club buys and maintains the equipment, maintains the interior of the building, and is responsible for every aspect of management of the activities that take place in the woodshop.  The VCDD maintains the exterior  and grounds and pays the expense of electricity for the shop use, but they do not supply the personnel or funds for the VWC to run its unique program. With this in mind, the basic requirements for membership are:
  • Be a resident* of The Villages
  • Pay a one time initiation fee (see below)
  • Pay annual dues
  • Complete a one day Certification/orientation class
  • Participate in the work of maintaining the Club and Woodshop (serve as monitor 12 hours per year) or other Board approved function.

2022 Membership Fee

One Time Wood Shop Fee:
The one-time (as long as you maintain your membership) Wood Shop fee is applied to the wood shop capital acquisition and improvement fund.  This fund is used to purchase new equipment or upgrade current equipment with new features. 

  • Member ............................   $200.00
  • Household     ... (two members in the same household). . .   contact us


 Annual Dues  $75.00

The annual dues are applied to the on-going operations of the Wood Shop including provision of consumables (glue, sandpaper, etc.), maintenance of equipment and the building interior, and procurement of new hand and small tools. Exterior facility maintenance is provided by the VCDD as part of the long-term tenant agreement between the VCDD and The Villages Woodworker's Club.

Certification Class

Members are required to attend a certification class that is intended primarily to enforce your knowledge of the various machinery available in the wood shop, familiarize you with the safe operation of each major piece of equipment,  and to give you a thorough overview of the woodworking facility. Certification classes are held at scheduled times throughout the calendar year.  You will be provided with the current schedule at the time you join the club. 

Service requirement

In addition all members are required to serve as either a Monitor or Tool Crib Operator for a total of 16 hours per calendar year.  Each session of Monitor/Tool Crib consists of four (4) continuous hours (a "shift"), either in the morning or afternoon.  These sessions will be scheduled at the time you pay your dues.  A refresher class is required every other year.

Important General requirement

Because it is s a Club, the life of the organization depends solely on its members and their active degree of involvement in the management and governance. It is hoped - even expected - that the member will take an active interest in the Club and do all they can to help it function productively.  It is hoped that you will take it upon yourself to improve your knowledge and skill at woodworking regardless of your entry skills.  Basically, you must have a willingness to be involved.

Club Meetings

Meeting Information

The general membership meetings of the Villages Woodworkers Club are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Washington and Jefferson rooms at Laurel Manor.  We encourage you to attend, so you can be up to date of the "happenings and events" in the club. 

Please bring your 'show and tell' item if you have completed something you are proud of and share it with us. We want to know how you did it!!! These items will be displayed for viewing prior to the meeting. We will be taking pictures of the Show and Tell crafts and displaying them in our Gallery on the VWC web site.

We strongly support the 'show-and-tell' part of our meeting. If you've made something recently, or even in the past, and would like to share it with us, please bring it. Sharing is what our Club is about.

The Board of Directors meet the 4th Thursday at 7pm at the shop, with the exception of November and December.  They meet on the 3rd Thursday in November and December. 

The minutes from current and past VWC General Membership  meetings can be found on the Club Documents section.

The Wood Turners special interest group holds meetings on the Tuesday after the General Meeting. These meetings are held at our shop facility and start at 7:00PM. Meetings start off with member presentations of their recent projects. Each meeting features a well known turner to demonstrate a specific wood turning technique. 

OPerating Hours

The Wood Shop Building is open from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Monday thru Saturday. It will be closed on Sundays and major holidays.

The Wood Shop Building will be closed these days in 2021:

  •  New Year's Day
  •  Memorial Day
  •  July 4 - Independence Day
  •  Labor Day
  •  Thanksgiving
  •  Christmas Eve
  •  Christmas
  •  New Years Eve