Building is well ahead of schedule. The anticipated turnover of the building is now the middle of January when the contractor will get a temporary occupancy permit for installation of the equipment.

The latest delay is caused by the Fire Marshal changing the central fire alarm to include “Knox” boxes at all entrance doors.

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This is a summary of the information presented to the VWC membership at the June 2018 Town Meeting.

This page can be downloaded and printed at your computer, if desired.

This is a full video of the Tow Meeting regarding the Second Shop held on June 12.

The length of this video is in excess of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

It is suggested that this be viewed either on an iPad or using the Microsoft Internet Explorer, as both of these browsers have a a built-in player. Other browsers will require downloading the entire clip, about 2.3 Gbytes, prior to starting to play.