Administration and Maintenance



                           Brad Primeau                            Dave Adamovich

There is more to woodworking than cutting wood or gluing a couple of boards together. ALL aspects involved in what you are doing must be checked or thought about before an action is taken. Consider where or what saw blades will cut, is there anything in the way of what you are trying to do, what will or can happen that is not part of what you are trying to do – glue drips on clamps, inaccurate blade or wood placement, pushing a bandsaw blade instead of letting it do the work, moving things out the way or looking around to make sure everything is correct and finally, changing or adjusting something that is the responsibility of the Maintenance Department.

Yes, maintenance is moving to the old Special Projects area next to Toys. The move is one of the recommendations made by the Building Design Committee. Dave Adamovich, head of RA maintenance, has the lead for the transition, designing and building cabinetry and deciding what will be moved, recycled or offered to the membership. Electrical changes, modifications will be done by Dave Makarewicz. Yellow Blue Badge members will support when and where needed.

Moving maintenance will free up assembly space, provide room for the “new” CNC and Urns. The pipes overhead in the old maintenance space will be kept for current and future pipe storage.

We have a new leveling jig recently purchased for evaluation and use in either shop. The jig was bought for leveling live edged slabs, epoxy tables, large cutting and decorative board and other woodworking projects. Pei Ma used it to level a bottom section of a slice of a tree that will be a small table when finished. A dedicated router, flattening bits, adjustment tools and vacuum attachments are included in a checkout box.

The jig can accommodate a four foot+ piece of any length. It can adjust to fit almost any rectangular table. Since it’s not setup for a specific table or space it is portable. Members with 1-1/2 to 3hp router experience should be able to use the jig. Setup instruction would be the only thing required. The jig will be a maintenance checkout item. Maintenance can assist in setting up the jig and help those individuals who have a onetime or limited need for the jig.

A recent medical incident at Brownwood highlighted the fact that monitors need to routinely walk the equipment and assembly areas of either shop when performing monitor duties. Sitting on a stool for a brief period to rest is acceptable but sitting and observing an area or engaging lengthily conversation or any other thing that prevents a member on monitor duty from walking the spaces in not acceptable. Ensuring members are operating equipment safely is one task but, keeping an eye on open and being able to assist if someone is having a medical issue is another and, in most cases, a more important task. If you are not capable of routinely walking around equipment and assembly areas Crib monitor duty should be selected.

The laser donated by Jill Bulmash who many have talked to or had work done by her on the Rolling Acres laser will soon be located in the Brownwood assembly room near the maintenance shop. Voytek Kulesza, Chief of Special Projects, built the cabinet with Paul Porter’s assistance. Paul and Dave Makarewicz will finish the installation in the next week or two. There will be a laser in each shop for people to use or take certified training to use either laser.


The long-awaited sink for glass and carver use arrived and has been installed in the multipurpose room.