Administration and Maintenance



                           Brad Primeau                            Dave Adamovich

Lost and Found
Yes, there is a Lost and Found at both shops. The one at Rolling Acres is located in the breakroom in one of the cubbies under the TV. It’s a blue plastic box. At Brownwood it is located in the front office, left side of the display cabinets on the back wall. Brownwood has clear covered plastic boxes. If you lost something check out the boxes. If you find something please place it in the Lost and Found box.

Woodshop Consumables
As some of you know a portion of dues everyone pays each year is used to buy shop consumables – sandpaper, double stick tape, glue, screws, shrink-wrap, masking tape, brown paper, small clamps, sandpaper erasers, drill bits etc. Through the year items wear out and are mistakenly broken or misplaced. Other items are frankly, taken! Rolls of double stick tape, clamps, and calibers disappear. Wood owned by a member also disappears. Recently, when a member left their wood in the assembly room and went to the main shop area to work on something else. When the person returned, the wood was gone where it was left. The member looked for it but didn’t find it. In all of these cases it boils down to thievery plain and simple. Especially since most everything that goes missing is never returned. Taking small items falls under the same category.

Remember it’s your money that is being spent to replace the missing things and taking a member’s wood is downright nasty and a slap in the face to all other members who don’t stoop as low as those who take things from the club.

Using a DADO set
You may remember a dado set being mentioned or demonstrated during your certification but that was some time ago but now you want to use it for your project. It’s a great tool and beats cutting a grove, rabbit or dado by making multiple cuts on the table saw. Granted if your project only requires one or two small cuts setting up a dado set is not worth the effort. If you want to use the dado set the first word of advice is ASK SOMEONE FOR HELP!! There are many in the shop who know how to use the set correctly.

There also seems to be some misunderstanding about using the metal shims that are included with the set. These are finely manufactured spacers of varying thicknesses. The thickness is marked in 1000th of an inch on each shim. They are used to ‘dial in’ the exact width for the dado if using the blades by themselves isn’t quite right. Some members are using the shims incorrectly and putting them between each blades. This causes them to lodge in the threads of the saw blade mounting shaft and prevent the dado set from tightening and more importantly, bends/tears the gauge so it is basically unusable. The recommended way is to place one or all of shims being used on the inside of the outer blade next to the tightening nut. Bottom line, it takes attention and skill to use the set properly so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Storing Wood in the Shop
Members are reminded wood cannot be stored in the overhead racks for no more than 30 days unless it is approved by maintenance to store it longer. Nor can wood be stored for some future project because a special species was available in the lumber room or “you know you will use it someday”.

Smaller pieces of would need to be taken home and brought back the next time the project is worked on or stored in an assigned project cabinet. Glueups that will be worked the next morning can be left on or under tables with the properly filled out project form. Wood cannot be left/stored along the wall or piled on top of larger pieces of wood on the overhead wall racks. Loose pieces of wood should be shrink-wrapped together and stacked neatly if they are for a project such as the wall shelf project. It may seem like there is plenty of room to leave wood in the shop but remember your fellow woodworkers will be returning in the fall and work space will be at a premium.