Brad Primeau


2022 will be the first full year the Brownwood shop is open. Without a crystal ball no one can predict what will exactly happen during the year. What can be predicted is the shop will continue working with new members who primarily live in the southern end of the Villages. If the last few months are any indication of what to expect, the training room will be one of the areas that will be heavily used by members from both shops. Using it for monitor, laser, and CNC classes or planning and strategy meetings, the room is a HUGE benefit.

The breakroom is another area that has proven to be a place to not only be a place to grab a cup of coffee but also have a quiet conversation. All and all Brownwood is well on its way to being a major attraction not only for the Villages but also VWC members.

FYI for members using Brownwood. 26” bandsaws have been locked out. The recent Yellow Badge cleaning and calibration of the shop’s equipment found the second bandsaw blade encrusted with pitch and missing several teeth. It was obvious the metal detection wand was not used nor was there any attempt to clean the saw. The blade has been replaced and realigned and the key for the saw will be with the other lockout keys in maintenance.

Enough of Brownwood! As someone said, Brownwood is all anyone talks about. That’s a true statement but, the new year should prove to be an interesting time for Rolling Acres (RA). Building the new shop has taken many members away from RA and some of those who helped launch Brownwood will be redirecting their efforts towards modernizing RA.

Modernizing RA? What is that all about? Well, as you may know the club’s Vice President Richard Peirce, has formed an RA modernization committee. Does modernize mean paint the building, build new cabinets, move functions around, attach the woodshed to the main building, move maintenance or the laser and CNC functions, eliminate or add different equipment, buy a new dust collection system, who knows? There are no rules or limitations except having to keep within the existing building footprint. It’s a clean slate and those who participate on or support the committee are being asked to keep an open mind.

No, it all can’t be done overnight, nor will there be an unlimited budget. But, developing a detailed plan of what needs to be accomplished in the near term and in the future are objectives that need to be accomplished for determining VWC budget requirements or if the club expects to garner any help from the Villages. Keeping open minds and working hard can only lead to success but, being a naysayer will result in little or no improvement of the RA shop.