Lumber Manager and Chairman of the Board


Species of the month.... American Ash

Characteristics... Color: although similar in structure and properties, the three species of American ash vary in color. The black and brown ash with a grayish-brown color is slightly darker than the other varieties which tend to be lighter gray- brown tinged with a red. The wood is normally straight-grained and course, with an even texture and lustrous. The narrow hardwood is almost white.

Properties... bending properties vary but are normally very good. The wood is elastic, tough and strong relative to its weight, and has good stiffness and hardness. Shock resistance is very good. It works well with machine and hand tools but has a moderate blunting effect. The harder species need pre-boring for nailing and screwing. It polishes, stains and glues well.

Seasoning... American ash dries fairly rapidly with little degrade, but grey-brown stains and surface checks can occur. There is little movement in service.

Durability... American ash is perishable and non-durable, with permeable sapwood. It is vulnerable to attack from the common furniture and powder-post beetles. It takes preservative treatment well.

Origin... USA and Canada.

Common uses... American ash is used for quality furniture, interior joinery, boatbuilding, and built-in kitchens. Other uses include sports equipment such as oars, paddles, bats, cues, and handles for workshop and garden tools. It is also a useful source of decorative veneers.

Availability... we have over 30 board feet in both VWC shop locations. The lumber is 4/4 S3S 8 feet long and variable width 8" to 12”. The cost is about 4 dollars a board foot. See Stephan Yovan or Scott Herlick for details.

Brownwood Location... The Brownwood lumber "woodshed" is fully stocked and open for business with over 20 different species of common and exotic lumber. Normal open hours are 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Look for the Blue Light indicating Kevin Vanscoy, Hugh Pace or I am ready to serve you. Our motto is: "We sell only the best and discount the rest".