Steve Eikenberry

Safety has been quietly working along with the yellow jacketed monitors to ensure a safe atmosphere in our shops. The largest number of safety observations center around correct table saw use. If you are unsure or have any question on how to proceed with any piece of machinery, please seek advice from an experienced woodworker, monitor, or safety member. If who you ask does not have the answer, they will help direct you to the right person.

August saw the safety team taking advantage of a special Brownwood shop tour that was specifically geared towards safety concerns at Brownwood. We wish to thank the Brownwood maintenance staff for their excellent support during that safety orientation. Although many of our safety team is away this summer, the folks that remain have picked up much of the slack in scheduling, and with Brownwood still closed we’ve been able to staff Rolling Acres most days.

We still need more volunteers for safety duty. If you feel comfortable in the shop, have a leaning towards helping our shop be the best it can, and feel you understand safe techniques, please contact myself, Steve Eikenberry at, or John Herega at