Routers & Shapers

a)   Standard Operating Procedures
b)   New Member Certification Notes
JessEm Model 09414 (PDF)
c)   Equipment Operation
Router Basics (Chuck Heise) (Video)
Router Certification Review (Jason Woodbury) (Video)
Grizzly Three-Splindle Shaper (Dave Adamovich) (Video)
d)   External References
JessEm Model 09414 User Manual (BW & RA) (PDF)
Grizzly Model G9933 Three-Spindle Shaper (PDF)
How To Use A Router Table (Video)
MarcAdams Routing Techniques (Video)

Panto Router - Box Joints (Video)
Panto Router - Dove Tails (Video)
Panto Router - Mortise And Tenon (Video)
Panto Router - Video Library (Website)