Lumber Manager


The lumber department frequently gets questions regarding various species of wood and their characteristics.

Some of the common questions are:
What is the particular hardness of a specific lumber species ?
What is the difference between hard and soft maple?
What does the grain of the wood look like and why do I care?
How does the color of the wood vary?
What kind of finish should I use on my project?

The lumber department decided to try to answer most of the frequent questions with a visual display of the various types of species of wood that we keep in stock.

We have created a display of over 26 species of lumber. Each wooden panel shows the wood in a plain state and with different finishes. Also, listed on the panel is the relative hardness of the wood using the Janka scale.

The softer wood like basswood has a low numerical value of 410 , while hard wood like bloodwood has a value of 2900 on the Janka scale.

I would like to acknowledge the ladies of the sisterhood for helping us in this project. All the laser work and finishing was performed by Valerie Pfundstein and Jill Bulmash.