Conway Williams, Manager


Since our last report in early February, the Elves and Painters were back to work as of February 15 th to produce the toys required to support our limited client demand.


On the shipping side, in February we made two deliveries to clients which contained 580 toys with donation value of $3,588, which gave us a year-to-date total of 1,020 toys, with a donation value of $5,388. As we look at the production side of the ledger, we produced only 348 toys during our Covid-19 shortened February, this gives us a year-to-date total of only 1312.


As a result of my discussion with Children’s Home Society, they took an additional 140 toys in February and have already taken another 277 toys with a donation value of $3,034 already in March. These two shipments get us back into line to where we need to be on their donation total for this fiscal year.


We have already identified another shipment for March that we are working on that will have another 400 toys with a donation value of $1,200.


Joe Stone of the Paradise Euchre Group has collected $400.00 for his annual donation to the Toy Department. We received this last week and have already sent him a thank you letter for his continued support to the Toy Department.


Looking ahead, we have been asked by the Villages to participate in Toys on the Square for 2021, we have submitted a suggested calendar and are still awaiting to hear back from the Villages. Further we will also be participating in Hoedown Days, which has been rescheduled from January 2021 to May 2021. Work is well underway on the items to support this popular activity.


Jo Harlos has started another painting session on Thursday AM, with Sandy Youngfert as the group leader. Welcome ladies to the Toy Team.


I will be contacting some of our school clients in the upcoming weeks to see if they have gotten any direction on the toy requirements for the coming year.