Monthly Update

Conway Williams, Manager


Our Team of Elves and Painters worked hard to satisfy all our client needs for 2023. We were able to accomplish this by the Team working extra hours and bring in personal equipment to keep the work flow moving. The painters supported all these shifts and changes in the production schedule by working extra hours and taking work home.

On the production side we able to make 9,342 toys for 2023. Since 2001, when we made 142 toys, we have now made a total 124,860 toys. On the shipping side we were able to make 42 shipments totaling 9,323 toys with a donation value of $ 76.696 for 2023. Since 2013, when we first established a donation value for each toy, we have shipped toys with a donation value of $685,268.

Our Toys on the Square Project has already started their 2024 Season. Please come out and support the Toy Project when we are at these Market Nights.

Our recent attempts to get more members involved in the management and operation of the Toy Team are starting to bear fruit. In addition to his current woodworking and laser operating responsibilities Mike Kwiatkowski has taken over the Donated Lumber Program with Ro-mac.

In addition to his current woodworking responsibilities Paul Carmignani is taking over responsibility of doing all the Excell spreadsheets that drive the production planning and reporting process and the client shipping and donation reporting process.

Dan Pallo has rejoined the Toy team bring back his woodworking skills and ability to mentor to the shop floor.

Dick Steele will be returning from family leave in February and will add his woodworking skills and ability to mentor to the shop floor.

Philip Lester will be joining the Toy Team in February take over the transportation of our Toys on the Square Booth.

We are still looking for additional member involvement to ensure the future success of this important Program.

If you are interested in participating, please contact
Conway Willams at


We have been approved by the Villages Entertainment Department for the 2024 year at Market Nights at the three main Squares:

 Month Date 2024 Day Location Remarks
Jan 3 Wed Lake Sumter Landing (LSL)  
Feb 6 Tues Spanish Springs (SS)  
Mar 5 Tues SS  
Apr 2 Tues SS  
May 9 Thurs Brownwood (BWD)  
June       OFF
July       OFF
Aug       OFF
Sept 5 Thurs BWD  
Oct 3 Thurs BWD  
Nov 6 Thurs BWD  
Dec 4 Wed LSL