Lowell Sundermann


Our shop is not only an audibly noisy environment but is also an electrically noisy environment. Large motors and high speed routers can produce spikes, harmonics and all sorts of noise on our electricalcircuits. We believe the CNC has been a victim of this type of interference and has caused some unplanned stops of the spindle.


Bob Thomas and Dave Makarewicz have recently rewired the limit switches to eliminate this problem. We will know better after we get some more run time on the machine.


At the time of this writing our new Maverick CNC for Brownwood is enroute to its new home. We will be busy over the next month or so bringing it online as required resources become available.


If you are a new member or do not remember what sort of a machine we have purchased, I direct your attention to the following link: https://lwmcnc.com/cnc-mills/maverick/ It is probably the most versatile machine in its price range.


I wish to close this last report of 2020 by recognizing the teammates that make our department run. Paul Porter is the Assistant Manager. He is an active club member, teaches 3D carving on the CNC, and enjoys running both the CNC and the Laser.


He and Bob Thomas will be the “gatekeepers” of the new CNC at Brownwood, which will include training specific to the Maverick.


Bob Thomas is a rather new member to the club, but is now a full-time resident. He brings a wealth of knowledge from his career as a professor emeritus from Cornell University in electrical engineering / owner of two smaller CNCs. He will be involved in training on the Maverick and will be a backup for my E511 course.


Dave Makarewicz is a critical member of the Maintenance Team due to his being a licensed electrician. That said, Dave has stepped up to teach the Review of Windows class, and the Laser Corel Draw class and Laser certification. I will continue to teach E511 and be primary on CNC certification.


All members will be required to complete E511 and certification on the Rolling Acres CNC before certification on the Maverick. You will learn to fly the Piper Cub before the jet. More on this process later.


There are several members not officially on the team roster, but perform as if they were. Becky Carlson has been a great help in preparing and updating our checklists and other planned and emergency routines. Jill Bulmash stands ready to help anyone needing help with the Laser. Dennis Drazkowski, a key player for Conway’s Laser work for the Toy Department, is also an eager and dependable resource for any Laser support. I thank them all for their loyal involvement and support of our Department.