Monthly Update

Lowell Sundermann


The (almost) new Shark HD510 CNC is up and running.  It is located where the previous CNC was in the previous special projects room.  I want to shout out to Bob Berhens and Walt Chekay for their help in adapting the cart and our dust collector to fit our needs. 

Two relatively new members have become actively involved in our department.  Jef Geagan has been given the responsibility of lead instructor and scheduled maintenance for the Shark.  Pamela McKee has already been helping new CNC students by one-on-one training and organizing E511 students into group learning teams.  Pamela has also agreed to assist Jef in the instruction, certification and scheduled maintenance of the Shark.  Jef is organizing training on the Shark, starting with previously certified operators of the China 6040.

Not so new member, Gary Pett, continues as lead instructor for E500, but now is officially our technical writer and multimedia resource.  He will also assist Jef in Shark training documentation and certification.

Corel has given us what we hope is the final fix to the illegal error messages we have been experiencing.  We want to put this topic to bed.  We are asking via a short questionnaire to all CorelDraw 2018 owners to update us on their status and to report if their copy is working properly or not.  We ask all CorelDraw 2018 owners to PLEASE respond promptly to the questionnaire.  We have a Corel agent involved in this solution, and we want all copies to be fixed before the agent forgets who we are.

Last but not least.  We all know Jill Bulmash.  Jill has ever so generously donated her personal Epilog Laser to the Brownwood Shop.  WOW!  Any question about Jill's dedication to our club?  Thank you, Jill.  We wait for the final decision of the best solution for where it gets planted.

Lowell Sundermann