Dave Adamovich                           Brad Primeau


The Brownwood workshop is no longer something in the future it is real and many in the department are working hard to bring the facility to life so members can enjoy what will be another great woodshop.


By the time you read this paint supplies for plywood walls that will be used to mount cabinets, storage units, clamps, jigs, kraft paper for glue-ups and many other woodworking tools will be purchased; a rental lift truck and scissors platform for IT installation and mounting air filtration equipment are onsite; the parking lot is finished and marked, and landscaping is largely completed.


Your volunteer leads bringing the new shop to life, David Adamovich and John Bellucci (Slick), are responsible for equipment placement and installation; Glenn Croteau shop signage, floor markings, painting and installation assistance.


Bob Behrens handles cabinet and fixture builds and installs, John Herega lathe install and safety; Lowell Sundermann CNC installation and calibration and Steven Yovan assisting in lumber storage construction and assisting other installation efforts.


As things progress, we have a list of individuals who have volunteered to help with the many things that need to be assembled, positioned, hung, filled with supplies and the other tasks that crop up without notice.


What’s ahead? Well more of the same for the next month or two. It’s not about the number of people working but about the quality of the work being done. I can assure you with what’s been already been accomplished and will be done by our A&B prebuilt teams and those individuals leading the installation efforts we will have one hell of a shop when it is opened for members to use.