Dave Adamovich                           Brad Primeau


Outfitting Brownwood continues. Most of the machinery has been connected to power and dust collection. Although the table saws have been tested using a set of fuses we bought, the other equipment needs fuses that the contractor will deliver in the next day or two. Although it may seem like a simple thing, the number of fuses and varying amperages that are required amount to a considerable cost to the club if it had to purchase all fuses.


We are waiting delivery of three 14-inch bandsaws and a combination sander. Prebuilt assembly tables are in place, sheet goods project storage rack is being assembled, miter cabinets are near completion, and Bosh saws are in place. We are rerunning CNC power hook-ups. Painting crib shelving is complete, and assembly will be started next week. Lathe cabinets are being coated with poly and will be ready for installation towards the end of next week. Voytek is installing drawers and wrapping up the front office installation. Modifications of the dust collection system are nearly completed. The unit came with 55-gallon metal collection drums that will be too heavy to move and lift into the dumpster when filled with sawdust. We are changing them to plastic drums that are lighter.


Odors of polyurethane and latex paint combined with construction noise, beeping scissor lift platform safety warning beeps and the rattle of impact wrenches is made bearable for the occasional break when we enjoy Alice Besler’s Duncan donuts or her great baked goods! Thank you, Alice! Oh, we work for food!!!


As you can imagine Amazon, UPS and FedEx deliveries of mops, brushes, drill bits, sandpaper and everything else that a shop needs to function are endless. Richard Peirce has asked Claudia Thornton to be the on-sight receiving person. Her help keeping record of what has been delivered will be a great help. The crib and its components are almost painted, and we expect crib assembly to start by the end of the week or the first of next week. Having a place to put arriving supplies and those that have been brought from Rolling Acres will be a big help in keeping things organized.


The Jet ceiling filters arrived on 3/15/21 and hanging materials are being picked up this week. Installation of the filters should be completed by the end of next week. The process will take longer then might be expected because they hang from the 14-foot grid in the shop. Safety is the name of the game and doing it faster is not doing it safer.


Modifications are being made to dust collection duct work. In some cases, ducting needs to be reworked from above the grid. The contractor is also completing a punch list of things the Design Committee found.


If you happen to see any of the following people thank them for working hard to make the new shop happen: Paul Porter, Glenn Croteau, John Bellucci, Bob Behrens, Voytek Kulesza, Roy Boudreau, Bill Love, Richard Masterson, Dave Adamovich, Dave Makarewicz, Tom Melovitz, and Mike Ptaszynski.