Tool Crib

Tool Crib Monitor Training (time 8:27)

Each VWC Member is responsible for serving four (4) four - hour assignments as either a shop monitor or a tool crib monitor each year, unless specifically excused from this duty.
Members must undergo training prior to their first monitor duty and then a refresher training every two years. This training video is a refresher for our members; but is NOT a substitute for attendance at the training



VWC Tool Crib

The shop maintains a fully stocked tool crib for the use of our members while in the shop.  As a member, you are able to borrow a tool from the crib by completing a form and turning in your Villages ID card.  When you return the tool the tool crib monitor will return your Villages ID card.

The Tool Crib maintains a full variety of power hand tools. including sanders, drills, circular saws and routers.  Additionally, a full and complete sit of bits and router bits are available.  Sandpaper is available for a nominal fee.

Further, the Tool crib maintains a full inventory of turners tools including chisels and specialty items used in the production of pens.

A full stock of hand tools is also available.