General Membership Meetings

General Membership Meetings

General membership meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month starting at 7:00PM at the Laurel Manor Recreations Center.  Each meeting starts off with a Pledge Of Allegiance to the flag, followed by status reports from the department heads.  After a short break, members present projects during a Show and Tell session, followed by a 50-50 drawing.  Meetings generally end at around 9:00PM.

Minutes of Most Recent Meeting


General Meeting of the Villages Woodshop Club

August 08, 2017

Laurel Manor Recreation Center

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm accompanied by the recitation of the pledge of allegiance led by President Mike Borfitz with a moment of silence and an offering up of prayers and thoughts for those in our club membership and their families. 

President’s Report

What to Expect Tonight – Keeping with our minor changes and attempt to make the meeting more interesting we will cover our regular meeting updates as quickly as we can.

*Our “speaker” tonight is one of our own, Alvin Corenblum who will share his efforts as he has worked with others to streamline the production of “urns for indigent veterans.” 

* Next month Skip Banks will demonstrate the way to use one or more of the jigs.  If the response is positive, we may make the jig presentations a regular item on the agenda.

*We will not take a break.

*We have goodies to have with our coffee and available during the meeting since we are not taking a break.

* You can buy 50-50 tickets “quietly” during the meeting.

Mike thanked all and said she really appreciated the comments and suggestions she has received.  However, one of the comments suggested that we have the “board meeting” during the membership meeting.  Mike advised that she realized a member must have thought that the EOC meeting we have prior to the general meeting was the Board meeting. To clear up any confusion, Mike explained, EOC which stands for Executive Operating Committee it is a staff meeting for the club president. The meeting is comprised of the heads of all the different departments, such as toys, safety, lumber and education etc. The official purpose of the EOC is “To serve as a forum to communicate matters pertinent to the administration of the VWC shop and to identify opportunities to work together within the management team for the overall good of the club.”

Introduction of new members and guests - New members and visitors, were welcomed and asked to introduce and tell a little bit about themselves. 

Membership and Visitor Tally –Club records show that as of yesterday, we have 918 dues paying members and 941 records in the database which include the non-member toy painters and front desk volunteers.  Since our last membership meeting we have entertained 61 guests, 6 more than the previous month, bringing the grand total for 2017 to 838 guests who have visited the wood shop. 

2017 Christmas Party – The 2017 Christmas party is scheduled for Saturday, December 9. Mike advised that each year they look to make the event better than the one before and that this year is exciting because we will have a sit-down dinner by Hacienda catering with linens and place settings, all provided by them.  There may be four different entrees to choose from, however this has not yet been finalized. The caterer’s cost for everything is $25 per person; However, the Board has agreed to underwrite $10 per person, leaving the final ticket price at $15 a person. Mike encouraged all to mark their calendars, as it should be a fun evening. In addition, Alice Besler, who is again in charge of the raffle and door prizes is limiting the door prizes to ten this year and folks making something for the raffle or door prize need to let Alice know by October 10, of their donation.  Larry Phillips, Christmas Party Chair, gave a brief update of what to anticipate this year.

Concerns Continue–Entry through the back doors is turning into a problem.  Members are entering without signing in and recently an ex-member had entered and was working without anyone’s knowledge. Had he checked in on the front desk computer, the computer would have immediately shown that he was no longer a member. 

Along the same line, we continue to have missing items – the latest one is a hand router complete with the box in which it is stored in the tool crib.

The Executive Operations Committee (EOC) has formed a security committee, that will be looking at the feasibility of installing card readers or keypads on the side and front doors.  This will still allow people to enter but will document that they did so.  With card readers, there will be no reason to block the doors open when wanting to come in and therefore will not put extra load on the HVAC system. In addition, the security committee, along with the IT committee will be looking at adding RFI readers to tools and equipment.  Mike opined that it might help in decreasing what more and more appears to be theft within the Club.

Club Space –There has been no further information received on assistance to enlarge our current Shop area or about the building of a second site near The Village of Fenney.

Videotaping – Mike recently met with representatives of Evergreen Health – this group captures experiences and opportunities available for folks in our age group to promote wellness and longevity. These videos are played on TV and posted as well on YouTube.  Mike has agreed to let them videotape some of our activities to use in this endeavor.  She advised that this is not to advertise the Club or The Villages, but rather new interests for our age population.  The first videotaping session will feature Alvin Corenblum demonstrating and discussing making the urns for indigent veterans.  The second taping will feature John Herega teaching a turning class.

Head of Department Reports  

Toys – Conway Williams/Ron Gammon: In July, we produced 587 toys bringing our annual total to 4344. So far in August we have produced 138 toys. As of July, we have shipped 3108 toys with a donation value of $22,660. Toys on the Square begins again on Sept. 14th in Lake Sumter Landing from 5pm to 8:30pm. This year we will participate in selling toys at Colonial Days on Friday Jan. 19th in Brownwood and Hoedown Days on an.27th at the Polo Grounds from 10am to 4pm. Conway encouraged all to come and purchase toys.

Carvers & VWC Chairman of the Board–Bill McGinnis: On vacation.

Lumber - Stephan Yovan/Kevin Vanscoy: Reported that a large amount of lumber will be delivered this coming week, primarily for the education classes. 

Certification, Monitor Training & Mentoring – Dick Bessler: Dick is on vacation, however left Mike with the following information to report; we have nine members awaiting certification. Two have medical issues precluding their immediate attendance; five who will be certified on August 24th and two scheduled for September 7th.       

Office Administration & Front Desk – Anne Bell: On October 1st the signing of The Villages Waiver Form will begin. The club will start accepting 2018 annual dues. The annual due is still $55.00. The at home self-study “Introduction to the Lathe” must be completed before August 21st to sign up for any other turning classes, as this is the requisite class for all other turning classes. 

Education Asst. – Debbie Larouere: Sign up for classes to begin on August 21st. The club is giving 56 courses with 27 volunteer instructors and a total of 123 sessions of classes. Members need to be aware that most of the classes do not run on consecutive days and need to bring their calendars with them at the time they sign up for a class to insure they are available for all their classes. The United Health Care Expo, is being moved to the Wildwood Community Center on Powell Rd., because the venue in Lake Sumter is too small. The Expo is set for September 15th from 1pm to 4pm. Participants are not allowed to sell at the Expo. Jack Warner would like to hold a class on making puzzles, if anyone is interested they can email Jack or Bob Matthews, or see her after the general meeting tonight, if interested.     

Library – MaryAnn Main: Our team of volunteers is in place. We have identified the need to dispose of VHS tapes and convert some to DVD. They are looking to reduce the size and amount of materials and to focus on what is needed. There is already a way to look up magazines on-line, therefore most of the dated magazines will be disposed of. They will be looking at the usefulness of the multi-volume sets. In addition, they will consider sending a survey to the membership, to determine what they would like to have in the library.  Once this is all done, they will present a proposal to President Mike Borfitz of their recommendations.  Ray Roberts asked if there is a protocol to check-out books and other materials from the library. MaryAnn explained that there is already an honor system in place (a clip board to write the date, your name, id # and title of book or item checked out) in the library. The Library teams does see any reason to change this honor system.

Stained Glass – Kathy Villani – Mike Borfitz introduced Kathy Villani and explained that she has included the stained-glass group to the Executive Operations Committee. The Woodworkers’ Club has the only stained glass group in The Villages.  Kathy advised the Stained-Glass group, will support any endeavors to free up space in the club. They will start up again in September.

Shop Maintenance – Dave Adamovich: Bob Beherns reporting for Dave; The addition of A/C to the back-assembly area remains pending with The Villages.  They are upgrading the clamps, they have replaced the 12 Bessie clamps that went missing and Bob has made new brackets to support them. In addition, they have ordered new black pole clamps, that have feet on the back side to fasten on to a table. They are trying to get down to 2 to 3 types of clamps.

Bob Beherns, Tool Crib:  Glenn Croteau, Bob Hunt, Brian Leininger and Grumpy have been added to the shop maintenance group. Glenn is being trained for Dave’s position, Brian maintains the table saws and Bob the vacuum system. A few tools have been added to the tool crib; a steam generator for bending wood, segeasy plate for segmented pieces and for carvers 3 new Dremmels,4000 rotary tools to replace the troublesome Mini Forums, 3 new cutting burrs, power chisel. Three flexible shafts have been ordered for the Dremmels.  Bob advised that he and Glenn inventoried the wood in the shop, and gotten rid of wood without a name affixed and have called members who have not used their wood in a long time. Glenn has gotten a good response from members.  Stephan Yovan reported that a 2x4 piece of wood standing up against the wall, fell on his canoe and just missed hitting him on the head.   

Urn Project Tom Miller & Alvin Corenblum: The Tampa VA has been restructured and last year the urns for indigents fell through the cracks. They were also held up because they did not have our tax-exemption number. Last month they made 60 urns and service branch medallions for the lids. The VA is now requesting two different sizes, the new size holds a hard-plastic insert verses the old urn that held a plastic bag. They are waiting to get the dimensions for the new urns. These urns are being distributed through-out the USA.  We are no longer using the wood the VA is providing, because we do not know what to expect and found it difficult to plan around, as it does not meet our needs.

Turners, Safety, and Apparel – John Herega: We have received a steam generator used to bend wood, it can be found in the tool crib. Also, received for turners a segeasy plate for building segmented pieces. Next Turners meeting is Sept 19th at 7pm, all are welcome to attend. The demonstrator will be Ray Roberts. Concerning shop safety, it is not the monitor’s job to clean up after members, it is member job to clean up after themselves. Next Safety meeting scheduled September 25th at 9:30am. All are welcome to attend. No news concerning apparel. If you need apparel our vendor is Custom Apparel at Southern Trace Shopping Plaza.  

Special Projects and Website – Hans Zassenhaus: Hans gave a brief explanation of Special Projects and the need for volunteers. Advised that club sold $1,800 in premade items in the past month and that 65 special projects were taken in and club received $2,200 in contributions for repairing these special projects. Hans advised there is a Club Calendar on the website, which members can find classes listed, special events and club meetings.

Guest Speaker: Member Alvin Corenblum gave a presentation on the production of urns. An urn is comprised of three board feet of lumber and 7 pieces without nails. Skip Banks made a jig for him to use in making urns. They have approximately 4 to 5 volunteers making and putting together urns. Last month they made 60 urns and have made an estimated 350 to 360 urns to date. Alvin makes up urn packages and any one can assemble them for the club. Any who wants to help, all they need to do is glue, sand and put one coat of wipe-on poly and the urn is constructed and ready for shipping.

Questions and Answers: A guest asked when we have our general meetings etc. Mike provided him with the answer.  

Show and Tell – Bill Lundsberg brought in a designer’s half boat model.

50/50 Drawing: The club took in $85 dollars in chances sold and the club retained $40 and $45 was won by members.

Winners were Visitor $20, Rick? $10, and Frank Giaccone $15.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:35pm.

Next Meeting: September 12, 2017  

Minutes prepared by Patty Porter, Secretary on August 24,2017