General Membership Meetings

General Membership Meetings

General membership meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month starting at 7:00PM at the Laurel Manor Recreations Center.  Each meeting starts off with a Pledge Of Allegiance to the flag, followed by status reports from the department heads.  After a short break, members present projects during a Show and Tell session, followed by a 50-50 drawing.  Meetings generally end at around 9:00PM.

Minutes of Most Recent Meeting

General Meeting of the Villages Woodshop Club

May 09, 2017

Laurel Manor Recreation Center

Meeting called to order at 7pm accompanied by the recitation of the pledge of allegiance led by President Mike Borfitz with a moment of silence for those in our club membership and their families.        

President’s Report

Introduction of new members and guests -  Welcomed new members and visitors, who then introduced themselves and shared a little bit about themselves to the group.

Demonstration - Janalyn Peppel will introduce us to the world of 3D printing – a technology that may be a common household item in the years to come and already has a wood-like material available for printing

Membership and Visitor Tally - Our records show that as of the yesterday, we have 888 dues paying members and 909 records in database which includes the toy painters and front desk volunteers who are not members.  Since our last membership meeting we have entertained 95 guests which brings our grand total for 2017 to 652!   

New Members - Feedback has been received that some of the new members are feeling a little lost and outside the “clique” of the Woodshop.  This is very troubling as the Club has been known for its welcoming and helpful traits. We would like to know more about this feeling and like to find a way to address it.  For one thing, the members in the Club who have the “Need Help, Ask Me” buttons need to make sure they are wearing the buttons while they are in the Shop.  We need to make sure our mentor program is obvious and emphasized for the new members.  A suggestion has been made to host a coffee and donuts once a month for all new members Lastly, the newmembers are urged to contact Mike directly with your suggestions and concerns.  We will try our best to do what helps the Shop be an embracing, welcoming organization.

Comments and Suggestions:

  • Mary Anne Main asked how members can find out the “Ask Me Buttons” - Mike advised via the certification instructors and safety committee.
  • George Sullivan said he and his wife Julie, didn’t know anyone when they joined the club. But after taking several classes have gotten to know a lot of members. He said everyone have been very helpful.  He suggested to make classes more available to new members and perhaps have a class just for new members.
  • Jim Spallone suggested having a monthly new member coffee and doughnuts, as an opportunity for members to meet the new members.
  • Linda Samson said when she joined Joan Nichols invited her to sit and have lunch with her. Perhaps, members should pay it forward by doing the same.
  • Bill McGinnis reported the club is not busy between 8am to 10am and 2pm to 4pm. So, if you come at these times, you’re likely not to meet anyone.
  • Frank Giaccone suggested if you don’t know someone, introduce yourself to them.    

Club Space - As we continue to see the reports of the huge expansion of The Villages appear in our newspapers, it has to prompt membership questions on how our Club can handle this growth.  To that end, we have been working to try and answer that question.  Tonight, we want to share that Mr. Morse has agreed to include plans in upcoming development to include another facility south of 44 and we have agreed to help in the planning for this facility.  However, it will be at least two years for that to come to fruition. In the meantime, we are working with Janet Tutt, Director of the VCCDD to find a way to address our immediate needs.  When we have definite  information, it will be passed along to the membership.  In addition, we continue to seek out ways to use our space as efficiently as possible. 

Lost or Missing Items - As promised, we are reporting via our newsletter any missing or misplaced items.  The 12 missing Bessey clamps still have not found their way home as of today. Please advise Hans Zassenhaus if you have lost an item.  

Department Reports

Toys– Conway Williams/Ron Gammon: As of the end of April we produced 1028 toys.  This is within 102 produced last year. In May, we have produced 196 to date, bringing our year to date total to 2532.  In April, we shipped 191 toys with a donation value of $11,889 and as of May 9th shipped 300 toys. The year to date donation value is $12,789.  We’ll be selling toys at Spanish Springs Square on May 24th from 5pm to 8pm.  May will be the last month of our selling toys on the Squares;, we’ll resume in September.  We break for the summer months due to heat and rain.

IT – Mike Borfitz: We are still looking for another IT volunteer who knows hardware and operating systems. Please let Bill Pappas or me know of your interest to help in this area.

  • Julie Sullivan asked if Wi-Fi could be made available to members. Mike advised that this is something the IT committee can reevaluate at this time.

Carvers and Board of Directors - Bill McGinnis: Suggested new members come by the shop to meet the carvers, between 8 and 11am.  They would love to teach you how to carve.  Nothing to report from the Board.

Lumber - Steve Yovan/Kevin Vanscoy: Not in attendance. No report.  

Certification, Monitor Training, and Mentoring –Dick Besler: Not in attendance. Mike reported on behalf of Dick, we have five members waiting certification, two are on hold for medical reasons and the remaining three are scheduled May 18th.  Reminded all of the date and time of Monitor duty training.

Office Administration - Anne Bell: Not in attendance and no report.

Education – Bob Mathews:   Bob Matthews is in Europe right now.   

Library – Open -  Mike reported that a few months ago she put out a call for a librarian and thought we had found one; however, the member found that she was unable to devote the time needed to serve in this capacity.  So, we’re looking for someone to volunteer in this capacity. We are anxious to bring that area further into the computer world and free space that is being taken up by hard copies that members are not using. 

Discussion: Mary Ann Main volunteered to serve as the Librarian.  Mary Ann is a long-term volunteer working the front desk and who joined the wood club July of 2006.

Shop Administration – Dave Adamovich: Dave is in Mexico and reporting in his behalf was Bob Beherns.  The eight-inch jointer is down and all other tools are in working order.    

Urn Project – Tom Miller/Alvin Corenblum: Not in attendance, no report.

Turners –John Herega/Ron Gammon: Invited all members to come to him, if they have any questions or need assistance. The turners will  will meet next Tuesday at 7pm. The demonstrator will be Ron Gammon, who will have hands on demonstration. There is a social after the meeting, all are encouraged to attend and, this is good way to meet other members. This will be the last turners meeting until September.  John will be conducting turning inventory. Please check your tool bags and bins, and return any and all turning equipment, you may have, so that club does not order more than needed.

Safety – John Herega:  Safety is going good. The safety committee will meet on May 22nd at 9:30 at the club, all invited to attend.

Special Projects and Website – Hans Zassenhaus:  In April for 15 days the club took in $1320 in special project repairs & builds. Since, then they’ve taken in 43 projects and have 50 projects pending. Hans advised that help is need in special projects, and gave a brief description of the process.  Premade items sold in May is 1,942.  New rules will be going into effect on Monday regarding special projects.   The website log reflects in April 2017 that it had 3475 hits on the website, 127 being members. 

Mike announced the club is working to put an Event Calendar on the website, which will list all classes, special events, meetings etc. 

Presentation of the 3-D printer by Janalyn Peppel.  The Dremell 3-D printer uses a plastic and wood filament.  The wood filament is made up of 70% saw dust and 30% plastic. Janalyn shared a video on upper limb prosthetics for children, created by a 3-D printer. Prosthesis are being created by many service groups for children all around the world.  Free 3-D software, Tinkercad, Microsoftpaint, 3-D Scanning and Printcraft are free via the internet.  

Janalyn provided hands on items made by the 3-D printer.  

Q&A on VWC Topics – There were no questions presented.

Show and Tell –  Bob Beherns brought in the jewelry box he made for his granddaughter, as a graduation gift.

50/50 Drawing: The club took in $89 dollars in tickets sold.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.

Next Meeting:  June 13, 2017  

Minutes prepared by Patty Porter, Secretary on May 11, 2017